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The Singapore Pawnbrokers Association was established in 1920 , had weathered through 2nd World War , Japanese Occupation, British Colonial rule and had withstand the test of time and continue to stand strong and tall till now.

Our very first office premise was set up at Upper Pearl Street (Bean Curd Street). In 1930 , we moved to Upper Nankin Street (Song Bo Street), no 43, 2nd floor. Shortly, the Nankin street was taken over for other uses, we moved again to Fang Ling Wan. Currently, we are settled at Geylang Lorang 23 unit 24B - 26B.

At present, our committee has grown to more than 120 members, backed with a well facilitated premise. We have been bestowed the responsibility to inform and educate the public about the Pawn business, which we will proudly accept and act accordingly. Also, we bring together all the members to help improve the trade. Globalization and technology advancement has left many behind. Though Pawn business have been regarded as traditional trade, we too, have move on with time and brought this trade in line with the modern time.


We incorporated Singapore Pawnbrokers Association with a mission in mind. To educate the public about the pawn business and bring together Pawn traders to help improve the trade.




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Singapore Pawnbrokers' Association

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Singapore 388363

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