Notice to Pawners: It is an offence to pawn fake, counterfeit or stolen items

1. Any person pawning articles of any description must be 16 years old and above .Pawner must present their I/C or Passport or work permit.

2. Interest rate at every dollars 1.5% per month, or part of a month.

3. All pawners, regardless of their nationality, require a guarantor for loans exceeding $200 unless a purchase receipt for the pledge is surrendered to the pawnbroker at the time of pawn.

4. Articles pawned are allowed for redemption within a period of six months. A pledge pawned for any sum not exceeding $50,if not redeemed within the time allowed by the Pawnbrokers Act, shall at the end of the time of redemption become and be the pawnbroker’s absolute property.

5. A pledge pawned for any sum exceeding $50 shall, when disposed of by the pawnbroker, be disposed of by sale by an auctioneer licensed in that behalf and not otherwise.

6. A Pawnbroker may bid for and purchase at a sale by auction made under this Act a pledge pawned with him; and on such purchase he shall be deemed the absolute owner of the pledge purchased.

7. Please inform the pawnshop of a change in your address to enable us to inform you of any surplus money due to you if your unredeemed pledge is sold by public auction.

8. With effect from 1st July 2002, Singapore Subordinate Courts will not provide free service of declaration of lost pawn tickets. Therefore, pawners who have lost their pawn tickets are advised to look for law firms with Commissionioners for Oaths to have the Statutory Declaration attested.


1. 根据当商法令,当客的年龄必须满16岁,典当时须出示身份证或护照或工作准证.

1. 无论典当额多少,一律按每月每元计息不超过1.5%,未足一月亦作一月计算.

2. 凡典当品数额超过$200者必须有担保人,唯出示购物收据者除外.

3. 所当之物一律以6个月为期限,到期未赎的典当物若不超过$50,将完全成为当铺持有人的资产.

4. 到期未赎的典当物若超过$50,必须通过注册拍卖馆拍卖.成功拍卖并有盈款额时, 该款项将归还予当客.

5. 当铺持有人可按照此法令在拍卖时对他多收的典当品进行出价和购买,购买后他将完全成为所购典当品的拥有者.

6. 凡更换地址的当客,请即通知相关当店,以便在你的典当物品过期拍卖有盈余款额时,可及时与你联络前来领取,以清手续.

7. 由2002年7月1日起,新加坡初级法庭取消免费的当票遗失宣誓服务,敬请所有遗失当票的当客前往任何一家承办宣誓服务的律师馆办理当票遗失宣誓手续.









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